Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality
—Warren Bennis
Leadership pioneer

I led a team  of students, medical professionals, and community members to create this project. The active leadership time spent on this project leading and working with my team was 143 hours, although it should be noted that many team members put in personal time that is not included.  My time preparing, researching and and creating my project proposal is not included.  The Girl Scout Gold Award requires active leadership.  That means that the Girl Scout uses her leadership skills to build a team, share her vision and create meaningful change by working with others.

I learned that the best leadership style for me is the collaborative style, learning from everyone’s opinions and ideas and making sure the project remains streamlined and strong. I also learned that different people respond better to different approaches and different jobs. Some people show up and need direction while others, work well through email and more space. Through this project I learned to let go of control and ask others for help, and I learned that I really can lead, and people are willing to help.

To be eligible to submit a Gold Award proposal a girl must be in High School and have completed her silver award and one senior or ambassador journey or two journeys.  Each journey requires a take action project of it’s own. A Silver award project also requires a take action project.