Bronze, Silver, and Journeys Too


silver bronze



Most People have a general sense about Girl Scouts and quite frankly it is usually an image of one or two young girls selling cookies, and I have done a lot of that in Girl Scouts, but for me participation has been a lot more than that.

First it’s been about friendships.  My current troop has been together since second grade, and I joined them in third grade.  We may be all over the city in three different High Schools, and next year even farther apart, but put us together for even a few minutes and our joy in each other just comes out.  We’ve camped in the rain together and traveled cross country, we’ve faced bugs and bees and brownie scouts.  We can sing songs and start fires and fire arrows.

My Girl Scout experience also included summer camps where I tried activities from canoeing to hiking and one summer got an introduction to scuba diving and that led me to complete my PAIDI certification.

As I got older participation led to leadership and I have been a trained Program Aide for 6 years.  I have helped at summer camps, at a local space and science camp, and each Halloween at an event we call Spook-a-Mayo.

This summer, I was on staff at the local Boy Scout Camp (you heard right) leading Boy Scout Activities.

In addition to the Girl Scout Gold Award I have earned: Girl Scout Bronze Award; Girl Scout Silver Award;

Girl Scout Journeys: aMAZE; GIRLtopia