About Expect the Unexpected

Goettke_45aaretgold project logoSacramento Valley Photography: Bounce Day 2015 &emdash; BD2016-86

Gold Award projects are a journey.  Check out these links to learn more about my Gold Award Project and the bits and pieces that all came together to make this project work.

Leadership is a key focus of the Gold Award.

No Gold Award Project gets done without a team.  My team was a “village” of talented experts from art to technology and everything in-between.

Gold award Projects must address a need: My project addressed the community need for awareness of and connection too information of disaster resilience.

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award in girl scouts, but for me it is only the capstone of many other take action projects and Girl Scout Journey’s and Service work that I did along the way.  I earned my Girl Scout Bronze, Silver, and three Journey awards.

One of the most important parts of Completing the Gold Award is choosing a Mentor.

No Gold award project is ever completed without family support. One of the most important contributions in the success of my project came from my brother Lukas and his graphic art and technology skills.

Sustainability is another requirement of the Gold Award. Expect the unexpected is sustainable in a number of ways.

  1. Continued use through Bounce Day activities.
  2. Scientific Presentations and as part of work related to Youth Engagement.
  3. Use of components in the modules to support other preparedness activities such as at the Olmsted County Fair.

Many Thanks to so many for so much!