Bounce Day 2015

The need for Expect the Unexpected was highlighted by a group of educators, students and community members who over the past 5 years have been leading a community disaster preparedness simulation.  In 2014, Expect the Unexpected was launched as the central personal preparedness education curriculum and recently it was redeployed for Bounce Day 2015.  I played a role in the simulation design this year as a writer for the actors back stories and in managing props for the day.  On the day of the event I was the simulation controller for the Acting corps (director of actors)  It was a ton of fun!  Oh and did I mention that the event uses the Zombie Apocalypse to allow for a combined mass casualty and infectious disease scenario.  Nom! (In the picture, I’m the one with the hat standing in the back left corner.)

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B. Hindal Bounce Day 2015

Molly Whitman Bounce Day 2015


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Do you know what the future holds?

None of us is immune from life’s challenges.  Sometimes these challenges are small, and sometimes large, but they are often unexpected, unplanned and sometimes even unimagined.  But what if we thought differently.  What if we expected these challenges and anticipated how we might be better prepared?